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The Right Way to Clean Mirrors & Glass Doors

A perfect home is one that has a good ventilation system. A good air circulation system in the house will produce clean air and prevent the existence of bacteria and viruses that are the cause of disease reproduction. To produce good indoor ventilation, windows and doors play an important role in the architecture of a good house.

If in the village we often see houses that have door-shaped windows that can be opened from early morning until evening. From there, the air flow can create a healthy, clean air flow in and out and can even cool the air in the house which is comfortable and not too hot.

In contrast to village houses, most houses in big cities like Kuala Lumpur are more inclined to the construction of windows and glass mirrors in the form of transparent mirrors. It is also one of the best materials for creating a good ventilation and lighting space in the home. However, there is a problem when the glass doors and windows are dirty as a result of the effects of raindrops and fine dust that adheres. Indirectly you will definitely do the cleaning of mirrors and glass doors routinely to keep them shiny and clean.

Therefore, to clean windows and glass doors is not as easy as it seems. This technique of cleaning glass materials such as windows and doors will not produce the maximum cleaning effect if the cleaning technique is done incorrectly. Not only is the mirror unable to be cleaned, but there are also scratches that damage the glass material.

Cleaning window pane with detergent, spring cleaning concept

Equipment For Cleaning Glass Windows & Doors

You need special equipment to clean mirrors and glass doors of all dirt without leaving scratches on the glass. If you do not have the necessary equipment, basic equipment such as soap and glass cleaning fluid will also suffice.

In addition to the right equipment, follow these proper mirror and glass door cleaning techniques to ensure that the glass material is protected from scratches. Items Needed To Clean Mirrors & Glass Doors

The Right Way to Clean Mirrors & Glass Doors So That They Are Shiny, Not Scratched

By preparing the necessary tools, you can now begin the process of washing glass windows and doors. Follow this method to get clean glass surface washing results on your home’s glass windows and doors.

1. The first step is to spray the Glass Cleaner liquid on the surface of the paper or microfiber cloth used. You can also spray it directly onto the glass surface starting from the top.

2. Wipe in a circular motion to remove all stains and dirt on the window. It is then followed by wiping horizontally and then vertically. This method can remove stains better and polish the glass surface perfectly.

3. If your window or glass door is too high, you can use a ladder to reach the top position and continue wiping with the use of a microfiber cloth or paper. If there is no ladder, the Scotch-Brite™ Window Cleaner mop can help you clean the glass surfaces of high windows and glass doors easily. You don’t have to use the stairs. The trunk height can be adjusted up to a height of 3 meters.

4. If the glass surface is too dirty, the best way is to soak a microfiber cloth in soapy water. Squeeze a little cloth into the bucket and then wipe the surface of the stubborn dirt. Afterwards, use paper sprayed with glass cleaner to polish the surface.

5. The last step is to use a sweeper to remove the traces of water left on the glass surface. Pull the sweeper starting from the top to the bottom with only one pass. Repeat this step until the entire surface of the glass is dry.

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