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The Pool Complements The Landscape

If 20 years ago to have a swimming pool or indoor swimming pool can usually only be seen in luxury bungalows or exclusive stylish mansions. This is because to have a swimming pool, usually involves high expenses not only the cost of construction and maintenance of the pool but also the water bill that has to be paid every year. Recently, however, the trend of landscaping regardless of the type of residence has made the private pool as a yard space. Not to mention those who dream of an English-style concept or want European rustic features, an inter-list swimming pool should be there to complement the landscape. According to the CEO of Pool Empire, the ‘appetite’ of the homeowners, especially among those who build houses for the purpose of home stay, swimming pool or swimming needs.

For them, the swimming pool or swimming pool not only adds value to the aesthetics of the yard, comfort for the stay, let alone having a small child who really likes the activity of bathing in the pool. In the last three years, we have found that those who want a swimming pool for their house are not from the owners who have a big or luxurious house. Some come from middle-income groups, medium-sized terrace houses, and build pools for their own use or homes to be used as homestays or guest houses. Probably due to the current style of people who like the concept of private pool which is less risk of pollution and many we meet want to build a pool just to adopt the concept of aurat-friendly pool, he said. In addition, the availability of fiber material is much cheaper as well as uncomplicated care makes the idea of ​​living in a pond is not impossible. Sizes are also now diversified depending on customer needs.

Other myths about complicated care, it feels like with proper technology and periodic maintenance including water treatment using chlorine, owners can control their budget. About the ‘rabak’ water bill because in the owner’s understanding, the pool water needs to be changed every month, to me it is less accurate because the pool technology has its own water cycle control system. For ponds that have components such as cycle pumps, filter pumps and drainage designs, the utility bill does not inflate because water does not need to be replaced every day or every month. Touching on the aesthetics of the pool, the choice of shape and finish are also varied according to the concept and budget of the homeowner. It is necessary to understand the location among the important features in the construction of the pool.