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Technical Inspection of Buildings & Structures

Do not confuse technical inspections of buildings and structures with building industry safety expertise. Then held in facilities related to hazardous production and must be registered Rostekhnadzor. Implement it can only be specialized organizations that have the appropriate license to carry out these works, issued by Rostekhnadzor, and according to certain procedural documents.

This mainly includes the Federal law “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities”. The new edition of the examination regulations came into effect on January 1, 2014. The results of technical expertise must be registered Rostehnadzor. Supervisors need to carry out technical inspections of industrial facilities every 5 years.

The building inspection is an independent audit of state structures and engineering systems, carried out voluntarily. In fact, it is the collection of information on the technical condition of the construction at the moment to determine the need for service, the possibility of reorganization or to estimate the market value of the property.

When It Is Necessary To Carry Out A Building Inspection

The need for such a survey can arises for a variety of reasons. The acquisition of a building in the hotel requires the investment of a large amount of money. A preliminary survey of the building will obtain an objective understanding of the technical condition and protect against additional expenses of time and money in the future.

It is possible to determine the degree of physical deterioration of buildings or individual components, and to determine the true value of the object.

Uncompleted Inspections Or That Are Affected By Object Fire

When buying an unfinished object, it is advisable to carry out a comprehensive study of the building to determine the future of future work. After the audit it is not clear whether the building needs repair and to what extent, if reconstruction, or it is cheaper and easier to demolish it and build a new one.

Checking the construction status will allow to adequately assess the possibility and need for adjustment or repair. For example, a fairly common practice of buying a house after a fire in some cases may require a study of the condition of the building to determine an adequate price and possible reconstruction works.

Technical inspection of buildings and structures will help in planning the reconstruction of unfinished or damaged by fire objects. It will provide an objective assessment of the condition of load-bearing structures and their support resources and sustainability.

Deformation And Damage To Structure – Cause For Inspection

The appearance of defects or damage in the structure, the occurrence of deformation changes during operation forms the basis for a comprehensive inspection. For example, local law 152 plumbers requires that property owners have their building, houses gas piping inspected periodically.

Building construction inspections are conducted to identify design flaws, building code violations and poor-quality work. It is possible to detect the marriage, latent defects, incidents of quality materials.

This study will help to identify the perpetrators of intentional building damage. Damage can occur from the fact that the design or construction works have been carried out carelessly or incorrectly, there is a fire or flood in the adjacent room or the building is undergoing global reconstruction works that lead, for example, to subgrade deformation. Conducting a qualitative study will give an opportunity to identify the level of damage, get money through the court, to determine the possibility of further use of the building.

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