Mobile Technology and Design Revolution

In the past, people often used telephone booths to communicate but now they do not because every layer of society already has their own smartphone which makes it easier for them to communicate over long distances and also at an affordable cost. The mobile phone revolution is thriving in line with the current era and technology. Various aspects are complemented in mobile phones and are now known as smartphones. However, have we ever wondered who invented the mobile phone and what was the earliest device brand to produce a mobile phone?

AT&T engineers developed “Cells” which is a network for mobile phones. The first telephone service in 1926 was offered to first-class passengers on the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Private vehicles paired with the first mobile phone system launched in Sweden. On April 3, 1973, Motorola engineer Martin Cooper released a mobile phone prototype. It can be used for 35 minutes safe talk and the battery needs to be charged for 10 hours. The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was launched in 1983, and became the first commercially sold mobile phone for 10k in today’s currency. This phone can be used for 30 minutes to chat and can store up to 30 contacts. In addition to the 2G line introduced in 1992, the first SMS using mobile phones was also sent in the same year. Nokia and Motorola devices come with new GSM system support features, which allow communication to be done safely without interruption.

The Nokia 3210 device released in 1999 was well received in the market with 160 million sales worldwide and in 2000 Nokia achieved its glory with the 3310 release which is still remembered to this day. The device comes with several mobile games and a calculator. While in 2010, Samsung came out with the first Samsung Galaxy S. The design and function of mobile phones are evolving according to the passage of time and the will of society today. Now smartphones no longer use 1G or 2G technology but have used 3G and 4G technology. In addition to features and technology, the device is now also equipped with large storage space and RAM, suitable for current use.

The smartphone market is now seen growing along with the development of the technology world. Every day we often see smartphone technology and how smartphones have changed in the last decade and so on. Therefore, it is not impossible that more new developer companies will emerge in the future. In fact, it is not impossible that giant companies today will experience a sharp decline in the future.

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