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Lavender Bath – Intro

Lavender has been used and valued for centuries for its unique aroma and many benefits. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, and as a perfume; Lavender is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities which continue to be Lavender’s best-known qualities. Lavender is often used to reduce skin dullness. Mix in bath water to relieve stress or use on temples and back of neck. Rub a few drops of Lavender on your pillow, sheets, or under your feet to get a good night’s sleep. Due to the versatile nature of Lavender, Lavender is considered a must have oil on hand at all times.

Lavender Bath

This Body Wash is clinically shown to help soothe and relax. Gentle even on sensitive skin, it gently cleanses, helps hydrate, and soothes dry skin. This Lavender Bath Body Wash is clinically shown to help soothe and relax. Gentle even on sensitive skin, it gently cleanses, helps hydrate, and soothes dry skin. According to SEO specialist , The soothing scent of lavender, chamomile, and essential oils combined with the soothing properties of natural oatmeal help hydrate your skin and calm you down.

Advantage Lavender Bath

Our shower gel can help cleanse and moisturize. Calming lavender, chamomile, give you the best taste. The nourishing, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and moisturizes for a full 24 hours.

Benefits of using our body wash:

The formula includes soothing lavender, chamomile aromas. Combined with the soothing properties of Active Naturals Oatmeal, the oil helps you relax.

The perfect impregnation will give you pleasure, with a long-lasting fragrance will make you feel fresh during the shower.

This shower gel is suitable for the following uses:

  1. At home: Cleansing and refreshing shower gel, 1L good for use at home.
  2. Hotel: We can pack it in 100 ml tubes or tubes or 50 ml bottles
  3. Travel: Most travel sizes are tube packages or 100 ML bottles. We can use shower gel and shampoo for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you make a customized brand?

We are an OEM/ODM factory, we can make each customer’s formulation, or develop a formulation for each customer’s specific needs or samples, and we provide customized packaging materials based on the customer’s artwork design.

2. How do you create a private label?

We can make a customized box or sticker at the price of 5000pcs, and can make a customized package with a very flexible quantity based on our current English package.

3. I like some other products; can you make the same?

Yes, no problem, please send us your sample, we can make the same for you according to your sample.

4. What other valuable services do you provide?

In addition to free samples and pictures, we also provide quick sample making services, FBA shipping, drop shipping, free product development, and logistics management support.

5. What certificate do you have?

Certificate for factory: ISO9001: 2000, GMPC, China FDA.

Certificates for products: SGS, Intertek, MSDS, CFS, SASO, Health Certificate.

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