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How To Wholesale The Goods Looking For China And The Payment.

Many must have started reading the China Wholesale guide. This guide is really great complete. We explain from A-Z how to buy from China. The best no need to go to China, but can wholesale goods to start your business. Buying in China is actually not as difficult as others think. According to seo service experts, servis seo DNZ Advertising, every day almost thousands of traffic come from Malaysia to find Chinese products Website access only China can now find goods. There are over 160 million products on this Chinese website. Just upload a picture and you can find a store that sells goods which is being searched.

If you want to know, now is the best time for you to plan a road project. Various products you can sell. Search the Chinese website, everything is there. Try finding the best -selling products this holiday season. It’s a big loss if you have already bought the Wholesale Guide China but did not take action. If you want to know how many people make money during the Eid season because you know the potential income double. There are those who are willing to take the holiday season just to do business. Want doing business during the festive season is not difficult actually. Some do public projects in a business way on Facebook profile only.


  1. You need to make a post on facebook
  2. Outline sentences based on the information you have.
  3. Make posts in active groups and product -related groups you want to sell.
  4. For example for a jar of water, you can make a post in a group with many women house.


You can select several suitable products based on the links we share. But before you choose a product, I advise you to determine the sales channel and who to target your market. For example, I choose to sell in a “facebook group” and my target is “Woman”. So I will choose a product that women always buy before the festival like curtains, kuih raya jars, crockery sets, water containers and more. After successfully identifying the product you want to sell, you need to test the product in the market to see for yourself whether the product is really in demand or not . This process is known as “product validation”.

Contact seller is the MOST IMPORTANT thing because the seller on Taobao or 1688 is potential suppliers to your business. So you MUST contact the seller to ask some important things. Get as many details as possible regarding the product you want to sell to avoid the occurrence of a misunderstanding between you and the supplier in the future.


When you have made an order of course you need to make payment for the goods you are going to buy. Alternatively so that you do not have to worry about this fee if you do not have a Chinese bank account. Just contact BGST Resources on how to pay suppliers in China and so on. The transaction only takes a few minutes – hours before it is successful. So easy, fun and fast.

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