Examples of Simple C ++ Programs and Application

In software there are lots of programming languages. This programming language builds software. This programming language looks very complicated and confusing to learn. One of them is the C++ program. For example, there can be lots of C++ programs depending on their function. But before seeing examples of programs made with C++, you should first get to know the C++ programming language.

What is a C++ Program?

Maybe for those of you who are still very new to programming, you don’t know the c++ programming language at all. If you are interested and want to learn about c++ program, maybe you can refer to this ebook C++ How to Program (10th Global Edition) for more info. If you look at its history, this C++ language emerged in the 1970s. This language was developed by someone named Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is a programming language derived from the C programming language. If C is a procedural language, C++ is object oriented. Or in another programming language is called Object Oriented Programming. C++ emerged because when creating large-scale software, C was not suitable because it was inefficient. C has too many ramifications, too many types of code, and too many loops. That’s why the C++ language was born.

Applications Used In C++:

1. Test Editor

To create a programming language, you can use many applications. One of the simplest is to use a Text editor application such as notepad or notepad ++. The next step you can use a compiler application that you can get on the internet.

2. DEV C++

Some people, especially those who learn programming languages ​​in college or school, usually use DEV C++ 5.11 applications or series above. But there are also gaming or software companies that use the Visual Studio 2015 IDE application and updates on it.

3. Atom

Atom is an open source text editor application. You can use this application for Linux, Windows, and OS X. The application made by Github is quite comfortable to use, especially for a beginner. The drawback of this application is the large size and burdensome of the computer. If your computer has low specifications, it is advisable not to use this application.

4. Sublime Text

This one application has many features that help you when writing listings. Even sublime text can predict the code you write. So it will speed up processing time. But, the disadvantage is that there is no run feature so you can’t see the results of your writing unless you use another program.

5. Borland C++

When it comes to widely used applications, Borland C++ is the most commonly used C++ data type. The interface looks very simple. Borland C++ also has a run feature, so you can see the results of your work live.

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