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A Little Info About Private Mandate

Private mandate or another name for Private Managed Account For Retirement (PMART) has a variety of either private mandate unit trust (UT), private mandate ETF or private mandate stock. And this stock also has blue chips, dividend yield, opportunities and so on. So for the purpose of comparison with Unit Trust in the title of this post, I focus on private mandate blue chip. For private mandate blue chip, it does not have a fund name because the investment is SPECIAL for the individual and the shares invested are also SPECIAL for the individual (PRIVATE). It’s as if the fund was created for those investors-not for the public.

According to SEO specialist, DNZ Advertising the stocks invested are also more or less the same as unit trusts, ie Top Glove, Dialog for example. The fund manager also actively ‘manages’ these stocks such as sell to, cut loss to and so on for investors to get the maximum return. So the benefits of a private mandate are different for each individual because the nature of the private mandate is also that it focuses on that individual only (different entry timing, shares may be the same and may not be the same)

However, for each share selected and invested, the investor cannot choose his or her own preferred stock because this private mandate is discretionary, especially for investors who use epf. Because of that, investors, especially cash investors, give me the option to mix (diversify) unit trusts and private mandates (comparison with UT’s private mandate). “Which I can control myself the funds I want to buy, switch or sell”. Private Mandate, the right choice to further expand your shariah -compliant term investment portfolio. Guaranteed by the security commissioner.

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