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5 Benefits of Email Hosting For Your Business Success

Email hosting is a service that allows users to have their own email and domain. So that the email used will be separated from the web hosting server. Then what are the benefits of email hosting to increase the success of your business.

Maybe for new businesses they still don’t know what benefits can be obtained when using email hosting? Relax, we will discuss it fully in the following article. Come on, see the full discussion!

What Are the Benefits of Email Hosting for Business Success?

Since email hosting costs money to buy a domain, but if you see the benefits, business people should use it for future business continuity. What are the benefits of email hosting?

1. Can be Used for Branding

Imagine if your marketer sent a promotional email to an address that didn’t have the company name behind it.

There are two possibilities that can happen from the above scenario. First, the recipient will think the email is simple. Second, the recipient still opens the email, but doesn’t know it’s from your company unless there’s a statement in it.

In this situation you fail to introduce your business to potential customers. You certainly don’t want to miss an opportunity to strengthen your company’s branding, do you?

2. There is Email Backup Feature

In business, of course, the exchange of various information, offers, and transactions is important in the form of e-mail. To ensure that these emails are not lost, you need a backup feature.

In fact, the free email provider is widely known because Gmail provides this facility. However, free backup features are usually limited. In an hosting email exchange service, you can back up and restore all email accounts associated with your company’s domain.

3. Larger Storage Capacity

Usually, free email has very little storage. A Gmail account, for example, only has a capacity of 15GB which is used for Google Drive and Google storage as well. This may not be a problem in personal use. However, the amount of e-mail that goes out in business is definitely not suitable for too limited storage.

4. Ad Free

Regardless of the service provider, free email accounts are not free of ads. Good news, inbox in a free email hosting service. This way, your and your team’s productivity will not be interrupted by unnecessary promotions.

5. More Security Privacy Guaranteed

The presence of the ad mentioned earlier is actually a sign that the free email service provider can see the contents of your inbox.

Even if the odds are slim, you certainly don’t want to reveal personal information to others – especially if your email account is used for business. Email hosting providers do not spy on the content of messages you receive or send. This way, you and your company get maximum privacy.

So that the characteristics of this email greatly affect the survival of the business or business you are running.

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